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decision tree helps define the nature of your problem or opportunity

Decision Tree: Understand the Nature of Your Strategic Initiatives

If your annual objectives are stretch goals—and for many reasons they should be—then chances are there’s no straightforward way to achieve them. Merely tuning your offerings and processes won’t do; chances are you’ll need to go way beyond that. The key question is: How do you know the nature of these top improvement priorities, which collectively make sure you achieve your annual objectives?

buildings inspired by nature

What Is Shaping the Way Buildings Are Designed?

Buildings after a while can all begin to look the same. So much so that most of us don’t even notice them. They are someplace we go to live or work or shop, but they don’t really add anything to our daily lives. With people beginning to notice this “sameness,” a question that architects are beginning to ask more and more: How can we make better buildings that mimic or use the beauty of nature and actually add value? How can we design buildings that are unique, functional, congruous, and friendly to people and the planet?